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Spanish for Primary School Students
(6 to 11 years old)

“If I started learning Spanish since primary school I would be so legendary now without much effort.” 

- Matthew Cheung (IB HL Spanish), South Island School

Our goal is to promote a solid foundation of Spanish for young learners based on cognitive learning strategies to acquire the four linguistic communication skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  This foundation would eventually become a very powerful tool for the child in his further development, whether he decides to continue his Spanish language studies at secondary school, or if he wants to enhance his language acquisition skills. 

Our Young Learners programme is divided in two stages:

  • Lower Primary (6-8 years old): allows the child to learn the language with interactive activities and sentence frames that gives them the opportunity to express their ideas in Spanish.
  • Upper Primary (9-11 years old): focuses on the child’s progression and needs as the student prepares to enter secondary school.

Besides adopting curriculums that are most adequate for students aged 6 to 11, we employ music, story books, poetry and games in Spanish. Each class is designed to incorporate grammar and vocabulary enhancing projects, kinaesthetic activities, interactive books, role plays and in-class competitions. The students enjoy learning and they unnoticeably apply their knowledge in different life situations.

The students have more opportunities to learn about the culture and traditions of all the different Spanish speaking countries. They also have a direct approach through activities such as food, music, dance, poetry and even history, which also result very useful in their future learning of subjects such as Humanities.

Our teachers are aware of the importance of the transition years to secondary school and also provide the adequate foundation if the student chooses to sit for Spanish public exams (such as the DELE exam). Students also enjoy their success at Spanish speech competitions.

Our regular programmes run all year round, divided by terms.   Classes are in small groups of maximum 6 students, to ensure closer teacher-student interaction.

Private classes are available on demand.


  • Private classes: HK$600/hour
  • Regular programs: see our course information 


Terms and conditions apply.

For more information, please contact us.

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Hong Kong

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